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Ciel Fledge Download – Ciel Fledge Download PC

A kind of life simulator in which we deal in the title guide Ciel. From your own actions depends on how the Polish mentee will grow up on the level of years, from childhood to adulthood. Ciel Fledge is an art on the borderline of simulators of destiny and RPG, in which the player joins the master of the title girl. The production was prepared by Indonesian Studio Namaapa’s own team, and its wasted was played by pQube.

The action of Ciel Fledge moves in the future (and yes – in 3716), when a group of people present in the face of threats from space left Earth. The last bastion of humanity is ARK-3, a powerful structure climbing into the sky. The main heroine of the game – the title Ciel – is a lady adopted by one of the people of ARK-3. Her teaching is her issue, which requires us to take care of everything about her.

The fight in Ciel Fledge Download counts on extensive planning of activities chosen by Ciel and accompanying her in average food. We decide on her dress, receive her preferences and lessons, which she will attend, and additionally we provide care for her teachings. The fact that our mentee copes with the activities undertaken depends on the inverse competences (in the game there are puzzles based on match-3 thoughts); playing an important value pretends her character, which we influence, giving him rewards gifts or disciplining if necessary.

You should be careful at the present, because your own attitude determines the direction in which Ciel is educated, which is reflected in the successive skills she achieves. If we check the art of the educator thoroughly, after reaching a good age, the girl will be able to introduce herself for sale to deserted Earth, where she will buy good goals and face various opponents.

The graphic design of Ciel Fledge is maintained in a beautiful, manga style.

Ciel Fledge Download – Ciel Fledge Download PC

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