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A new season begins! Radioactive Agent is now live and bursting with new content including new modes, an expanded Battle Royale map, weapons up for grabs, new skins for your favorite soldiers, more events such as COD Mobile Hack Irradiated Sector and much more.

A unified and unique Battle Pass with COD Mobile Hack

Radioactive Agent brings a major change to the Battle Pass system, as players will now follow a unique flow of content progress COD Mobile Hack. Players who reach free levels along the stream receive content, while those who have purchased the Battle Pass will unlock content at all levels.

Progression through the new Battle Pass flow system is as usual, participating in Multiplayer, Battle Royale and other temporary modes. Let’s take a look at the fun content available in the Radioactive Agent Battle Pass.

Free Levels COD Mobile Hack

At 14th level, all players gain access to the new Scatter Strike point set. Ravage your enemies with this devastating air-to-ground attack. Level up COD Mobile Hack to level 21 to unlock a new weapon, the QQ9 submachine gun. Some free levels in the stream also grant you the “Dangerous Zone” and “Caution” camouflages of many items. Gain levels and fill your arsenal.

COD Mobile Hack Battle Pass Levels

Obtain the Battle Pass to earn new content with each level. Terrorize your enemies with Ghost – Radioactive unlocked at level 1, followed by Krueger – Alchemist at level 12. Earn epic weapon skins such as M4 – Back Scratcher at level 40 and QQ9 – Flood at level 50. The Legendary COD Mobile Hack Business Card “Pursuit” also unlocks at level 50. Fight in style as you unlock the rare “Radioactive” camouflage series and the epic and dynamic “Barricade” camouflage series.

Extensive Battle Royale Experience with COD Mobile Hack

The Battle Royale map has expanded with seven new distinct areas: Black Market, Harbor, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Heat and Frigid Wetlands. Rediscover the Battle Royale mode with this new map whose size is 45% larger than the original. Light up your enemies in Heat, chill your competitors in Ski Town, or spy on your opponents in the Underground Black Market, where multiple screens let you monitor the position of players and helicopters. Collect the information, write down your card and go hunting.

New Battle Royale Vehicle: Tank

Watch out for the tank. This deadly new vehicle randomly enters the game by air drop and can accommodate a team of four. Prepare to fight to get it, because all the teams in the area will surely try to get their hands on it. The tank will appear in Battle Royale shortly after the Season begins, so be prepared.

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