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Are the games good? And whether downloading on the Internet is legal?

Have you ever wondered what the situation of downloading games from the Internet in the light of law looks like? Each of us was wondering whether it would be legitimate to test the game, not to play for several dozen or even several hundred hours, if the game is not bought and downloaded from the Internet. This situation is quite interesting, especially if we take into account many reports and news that just warn us against “piracy” and threaten with high fines, and in extreme cases even by imprisonment. If you would like to know how it looks on the official issue, we invite you to read the content below, where the article will focus on the most important points, and even look at the games themselves and whether they exert a positive or negative impact on us.

Are the games good? What a bit about this kind of entertainment

For decades, we have heard about the negative impact of games on children and adolescents. It is said that they shape a distorted image of reality in us and take us into unreal realities, which makes the child more difficult to find himself in reality. However, were not the same cartoons and fables that we saw in our day? Is it not now that there have been various rumors about ambiguous sayings or situations that in our childhood did not matter to us? Of course, one must not underestimate the situation in which a child attacks a parent just because of the aggression that triggered the game. These are, however, individual cases that should not characterize the general public. Just like stereotypes, they should not outline the way we perceive others. Games are really not just evil, and often bring with them very interesting and educational qualities that we would like to talk about.

The positive impact of games on us

A great example of how games can teach us something is a foreign language. Nowadays many games and many artists on YouTube present their content in our native language. However, it does not mean that every game has a crack and not every popular YouTuber is from Poland. Thanks to this, we can learn interesting things, learn new vocabulary, and if we are huge fans of the game, even start to be interested in the subject even more. This is very well illustrated by games located in the historical environment (such as strategic games showing past times). Transferring us to the world of the Wild West and shooting cowboys will surely interest many people. Just like the ability to lead the country for hundreds of years, being a witness to the most important historical changes.

Are the games flawless?

Computer games are not just an interesting insight into history. They allow us to open our minds to new cultures, new music or new fashion. All this is included in video productions, and by the way they can entertain us with hundreds of hours. It does not mean, however, that the games are not without flaws. There are often titles that have very little of these values ​​and do not provide anything but play. Some people even claim that they are fooling a man, because nothing is done there, he only avoids obstacles, clicks on something or worse … he focuses on murdering passers-by. Therefore, positive and negative features of games should be considered.

What about downloading games over the Internet?

The law clearly states that the use of illegal games is illegal and is punishable. This means that no matter where this game comes from, if it has not been acquired by official sources (ie from the store shelf, from the online store, won during official lotteries, etc.), it is not allowed to play it. In practice, however, this is not so respected. We can often find situations where players are easily testing new games and spending their time unbelievably. They can do it because they do not break the most important element – they do not make the game available. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the case of torrents (some parts of the game files are always available), but in the case of sites like the game demo, the most.

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