How To Download ?

1. Step: We must accept the rules and press “Accept and continue”

2. Step: We have the option to choose where you want to install the game, then click on the “Install”.

3. Step: In the next stage of the game is first download and install on your computer.

4. Step: If you have a problem with typing the key to select “Help me” if we have any problem to click on “Download Key Activation”. Take the key, type in the appropriate box and go further installation by clicking on “Activate Game”

5. Step: When you click on “Download Key Activation” we will be next to check if we are human.

6. Step: After clicking on “Get Activation Key” we will be transferred to check if we are men.

8 Step: It must then be filled with one of these investigations at the final check and get the key that must be entered in a free box and press “Activate Game”

Step 9: After entering the correct key will complete the installation then we will be able to enjoy the game. Greetings

Nice game