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Occupy Mars The Game Download

Occupy Mars The Game Download – Occupy Mars The Game Download PC

Occupy Mars The Game Download is a survival attraction in which a player becomes addicted to an astronaut building a colony on Mars. Occupy Mars: The Game is a survival game designed by Pyramid Games studio, which PlayWay received on our shoulders. The production appeared on the PC network, and will buy players to blend in with the astronaut, which is the issue of making an efficient colony on the eponymous Red Planet.

In Occupy Mars: The Game we observe the action from the position of an important woman (FPP). Production awaits us to the great, open world, after which we move on foot, miss the controls of the very few vehicles susceptible to modifications. In addition to the futuristic rover, the creators give us, among other things, a quad – thanks to the simple small areas and maneuverability this machine knows how to remain in damage visible places.

The game presents us with a number of great challenges, from which it is inclined to locate the right apartment for the erection of the city – the way to result is to put the land for the substance in a location that is access to underground water resources; it is also worth giving advice on temperature fluctuations. The next move is buying raw materials enabling the development of infrastructure – we set not only photovoltaic cells supplying electricity as well as drilling platforms, greenhouses (permitting plant culture), oxygen tanks or even fuel generators. What’s good, the very form of the individual modules is not enough – the player must take care of their joint connections with pipes or cables.

There are particularly important conditions on Mars, which is important to find out about the model in the order of large sandstorms. Therefore, with the period of time, the electronics driving our base undertake to spoil, in the shortest case taking us entry to oxygen, water or life; it is nothing unusual for us to get transactions in our hands and start repairing broken devices with the help of various tools such as a soldering iron or welding machine. Released on the PC platform Occupy Mars: The Game has high-class three-dimensional graphics. They may like above all the effects accompanying atmospheric phenomena (so it tells at the same time a certain daily cycle), although on textures covering elements of the environment, cars and tools acquired during play, you can also hang your eye. The title uses virtual reality goggles and motion controllers, and they are not advertised for the game.

Occupy Mars The Game Download – Occupy Mars The Game Download PC

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