Supplements for players – CBD oil for focus and concentration

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Supplements for players – CBD oil for focus and concentration

What is concentration of attention? Concentration is a competence that every human has. It is not an innate quality. Concentration is the ability to focus attention on a given activity, consciously and intentionally avoiding all distractions (distractions). It is necessary in all conscious actions. This skill is developed gradually throughout our lives: a small child has involuntary attention (i.e. attention is attracted without his will, e.g. by moving objects), so-called early school children directed attention (allows you to focus on what is important to us at a given time). The basic function of concentration is: performing specific tasks, achieving a specific goal, solving problems or understanding important issues. So the higher the ability to focus attention, the better the memory, spatial ability and logical thinking.

How to improve concentration?

Concentration depends mainly on distractions – stimuli that distract us (e.g. noise), our motivation and positive attitude (it is necessary to put our effort into the implementation of a given task), from rest, a short break (increases the effectiveness of the task), from proper diet (healthy eating and drinking the right amount of water affects our concentration), from sleep (rest improves the effect), and exercise (properly selected affects the focus of attention). An important element in maintaining proper concentration is a proper diet, with the content of iron, an element involved in the transport of oxygen to brain cells, helps in effective actions. Iron we find in nuts, red meat, legumes, offal. In addition, potassium contained, among others in oranges, grapes or bananas oxygenates the brain. Products containing yeast, milk, meat, cheese, potatoes rich in B vitamins have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system, support memory and concentration. Lecithin also strengthens concentration and focus. We find it in wheat germ, peanuts or soy. To soothe the nerves, brighten the mind and increase the absorption of information, e.g. before the exam, a cup of infusion of lemon balm or firefly will help.

Blissful properties of CBD oils. If you notice problems with focus and concentration, it’s worth paying attention to hemp preparations. Oleje CBD, created in the process of extraction with carbon dioxide in a supercritical state, i.e. at low temperature, contain components that completely reflect the composition of the inflorescence of hemp. CBD oils contain in themselves valuable, natural ingredients of hemp. So they are a great gift for people struggling with memory and concentration problems. Everyone can take it – children, adolescents, working people and the elderly. CBD oils are an invaluable help in learning, at work, in fun, they are a supplement for players. They help to focus on daily and professional duties. In addition, they help in the absorption of new information, fight drowsiness and emotional problems. They increase the results in sports games.


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